We planted redwood trees 28 years ago on a PG&E easement next to our property line. The county is cutting the trees down for a road. Any recourse?

Asked on Apr 03rd, 2016 on Zoning, Planning and Land Use - California
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We were told years ago by the builder who was then going to build, to fix up the easement as we wanted and he would match with new entrance. He sold and now country owns easement & changed road configuration without our knowledge. Using easement for new road. They will now cut 3 -28 year old redwoods we planted down.
Answered on Apr 03rd, 2016 at 3:33 PM
Unforetunately, you've wrongly planted those trees where they should not have been planted.  So you do not have the right to any reimbursement or to request that the trees not be cut down.
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