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You will need a real estate attorney to check the zoning and relevant development codes to determine your rights.

As the current property owner, you would be responsible for getting permits for unpermitted conditions or removing the unpermitted conditions.  Get the permits as soon as possible to avoid fines ...Read more

The government has the power of eminent domain.  But, the use of this power to drill for oil is unlikely enforceable.  You should contact and attorney to discuss the facts of the case and de ...Read more

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Requirements for a Home Addition

Many of us love where we live.  We love our home, our yard, our location, our neighbors, etc.  However, over time, we can sometimes outgrow our house.  A house big enough for two may si ... Read more

What is Administrative Law?

Local, state and federal agencies govern many aspects of business and personal lifeWhether you plan to purchase property or operate a business, you face countless local, state and federal regulations ... Read more


    Anyone who has participated in a local zoning controversy—whether as a property owner desiring to alter the use of a parcel, a nearby property owner displeased with the propos ... Read more

Oil and Gas Hydrofracking Ban

October 12, 2012 Gas companies to appeal ruling allowing town’s one-year hydrofracking ban Two gas companies, who emerged unsuccessful from their initial contests in the New York c ... Read more

Drillers Hose Texas Landowners with Fast & Dirty Fracking

[caption id="attachment_61423" align="alignright" width="300" caption="iStockphoto/Thinkstock"][/caption]Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," – a method of oil and gas extraction – was already contr ... Read more

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