Zoning Planning & Land Use

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Land Use Regulations and Your Small...

You thought the hard parts were over: you came up with a good idea or product to sell, you decided what legal form your small business would use, and you'...Read more

Zoning and Junkyards

You will want to do a thorough investigation of the zoning laws in your community before you start or buy a junkyard. Zoning ordinances and regulations are laws...Read more

Beach Rights and the Law

Now that summer's here, tourists and locals flock to beaches to enjoy sand and surf. Beach umbrellas pop up, coolers are toted, and oversize towels are spread across ...Read more

zoning planning land use

Dealing With Zoning Problems

While you may own real estate, your use of the property may be limited depending on zoning ordinances. However, there are several approaches for handling conflicts between zoning regulations and your desired property use. Learn about nonconforming uses, conditional uses, zoning variances and spot zoning. Nonconforming Use A nonconforming use is when there's a conflict between exist... Read More

Additional Zoning, Planning and Land Use Topics

Additional Zoning, Planning and Land Use Topics