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When looking for a land use attorney, I always find it helpful to find the person tat appears most often in front of the Board of Adjustment or Planning Board.  That attorney will be familiar wit ...Read more

In all likelihood, the day care facility did not purchase these lots without being assured that the property could be used for parking.  Before you go to much trouble,  I would first confirm ...Read more

The city can place no parking signs in front of your house if they choose to.

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Massachusetts Permit Session Jurisdiction Explained

On February 27th, the Massachusetts Appeals Court again held that certain land use appeals under Mass. G.L.c. 185, §3A, cannot be brought in Housing Court – they may only be brought in Supe ... Read more

Requirements for a Home Addition

Many of us love where we live.  We love our home, our yard, our location, our neighbors, etc.  However, over time, we can sometimes outgrow our house.  A house big enough for two may si ... Read more


    Anyone who has participated in a local zoning controversy—whether as a property owner desiring to alter the use of a parcel, a nearby property owner displeased with the propos ... Read more

NJ Looking for Ways to Encourage Economic Recovery: The State of New Jersey Permit Extension Act

On December 8, 2011, the Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee overwhelmingly approved bipartisan legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, D-Camden, and Republican Leader Alex DeC ... Read more

Feds Plan To Sell Billions of Dollars of Properties

Plans to sell billions of dollars of federal real estate via an independent Civilian Property Realignment Commission moved forward on the Hill last week. The Transportation and Infrastructure Committe ... Read more

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