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Zoning is a system of land use regulation exercised by local governments and is sometimes referred to as zoning planning. Zoning regulations govern the types of activities that are acceptable on particular lots, as well as the height of buildings, and the amount of parking which must be provided; although most zoning law systems have procedures for granting variances. Zoning regulation and zoning ordinance falls under the police power rights that the local governments may exercise over real property. Please read on to find a zoning attorney, zoning lawyer, or learn more about zoning.

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Legal articles focusing on Zoning Planning & Land Use Law
Licenses and Permits: Zoning
Do a thorough investigation of the zoning laws in your community before you start or buy a small business. Typically, zoning restricts land by type of use, height of the structures on the property and position of the structures on the property.
Zoning and Manufacturing Businesses
Zoning regulates the location and uses of land. Industrial zoning is a category of property zoning that designates property to be used for industrial purposes. Industrial zoning allows manufacturing, research and development purposes, factory office and warehouse space and industrial parks.
Zoning and Your Retail Business
Before starting or buying a retail business understand the zoning laws in the area where the business is located. These laws define and restrict how you can use property, and so they can make or break your plans.
Zoning and Junkyards
Zoning regulates the location and uses of land. Junkyards are sometimes banned from residential, commercial and industrial zones. By adopting a zoning ordinance a municipality can limit junkyards to specific areas of the community.
Zoning: Gas Stations, Parking Lots & Garages
If you are planning on buying or building a gas station, parking lot or garage then you will want to research your city's zoning laws to make sure that the business is in compliance. Gasoline stations, commercial garages and parking lots are sometimes banned from residential and commercial zones.

Ask a Lawyer - Zoning Planning & Land Use Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Can you apply for a hardship variance prior to owning the property?
Single family home in foreclosure. Prospective buyer is asking for a hardship variance due to an undersized lot. Not sure what the hardship is if you do not own. Will the planning board be giving a speculative buyer an unfair advantage if approved?
Is it legal to paint Bible verses on the outside facing side of my fence?
A fence on my property was damaged from Sandy. My neighbor took the fence down & cut all the posts saying he believed it was over the property line (it isn't). We have a pool & were given notice from zoning that the fence needed to be repaired (now replaced) or we would be fined. I asked the neighbor to split the cost of the new fence but he refused. We would have only had to replace four panels but now have to do a completely new installation because of what he did which involves permits and related costs & we have to put in a different type of fence as rules have changed (rest of fence is board on board & town now requires stockade). The new fence will be 4 in. in from property line. I would like to paint Love Thy Neighbor on the fence side facing his house-can I get in trouble - the fence is being completely paid for by me, and is 100% on my property. Can he paint the other side?
Can I put a no parking sign in front of my home?
I live on a busy street in the heart of downtown and people keep parking in front of my home during busy times. It is right off the street and it gets pretty crazy.
What is my statue of limitations on an encroached fence - property in CA?
I bought a property 3 years ago in CA. A fence was built prior to my ownership that encroached on my property. How long do I legally have to pursue the neighbor to move their fence? I've read 3 years or 5 years. I've had the land surveyed and they indeed are on my property. thanks
I'm an LLC sole owner, no employees, leasing an office in San Diego to do health counseling. Can I o
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